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Don’t Panic! ISDN Digital Lines aren’t going to end just yet

If you have a traditional telephone system installed with either ISDN2e or ISDN30e lines connected, then you’ll be pleased to know that BT Openreach won’t be switching off and retiring these trusty, reliable services until 2025.

The government has invested over £1 Billion in improving the UK’s overall broadband and mobile infrastructure with a view to providing superfast broadband coverage across the UK by 2018 – however this remains to be seen, so watch this space.

Now for those of you that do have the luxury of superfast broadband and Ethernet Service then it might pay for you to explore VoIP and SIP Solutions for your voice calls. VoIP and SIP Trunks do work out cheaper than ISDN without compromising call quality depending on you having a stable superfast broadband installed.

If you are interested in moving your service from ISDN over to VoIP, then please call us on 01403 333830 to find out more.