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Tritel Communications was established in February 1997 with the aim of providing high-quality Customer Care with no compromise whatsoever. Customers are the life blood of our business and we will always go the extra mile to provide the best possible service to meet your requirements.

Our professional and friendly approach to finding the right cost-effective solution and ongoing support for organisations of all sizes in different industry sectors has earned Tritel Communications a reputation for efficiency that we know you will find hard to beat. From the initial consultation stage right through to implementation and training, you can rest assured that you will be treated with respect and professionalism by our highly trained team.

Having worked tirelessly to find the best brands and services, we offer highly functional telephone technology products and network service solutions to meet and exceed your expectations with the premise of delivering solutions that fit your business requirements, regardless whether you’re a sole trader or multinational organisation.

The supply and installation of products is only half the story. Tritel Communications’ real strength lies in the ability to understand business requirements, something that only comes from experience. Customers’ needs are paramount in our analysis to achieve firstly the desired result and secondly to establish long-term business relationships.

Our motto is to ‘find and keep customers’ by treating people the way we like to be treated, with friendliness, respect and professionalism.

Miguel Rivera started Tritel with a vision in providing the highest level of service for clients of all sizes from sole traders to large companies. With this objective in mind and always putting client needs first we have to date achieved an impressive client retention rate of 95%.

This achievement has been realised through keeping regularly in touch with our clients and providing the right products and services they need for their business, after all there is no such thing in telecoms as “one fit, fits all”. Every client needs something different and we always aim to find the telecoms solution that best works for them to help propel their business.

When it comes to products and services Miguel has set up partnerships with reputable telecommunications hardware manufacturers and service providers that mirror the Tritel ethos of being customer focused and quality driven.

“You are only as good as your last job, so make sure you do the job neatly and correctly from day one and the client will always come back to you for more work”

Our Commitment

The Tritel ethos has always been about providing the highest level of care and support to all our clients, second to none.

Over the 27 years that Tritel has been in business we’ve always aimed to establish a close relationship with our clients by improving our processes and providing the best support service possible, subject to their requirements.

The following summarises our support process to our clients.

  • Providing concise and accurate advice in simple and straightforward terminology that clients can understand.
  • Dealing with technical issues swiftly to restore telecoms services as fast as possible and keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Meeting clients’ deadlines for moves and changes to their telecoms infrastructure.
  • Providing telephone support to clients requiring modifications to their digital or IP phones and voicemail settings.
  • Introducing two six-monthly site visits for our annual system maintenance clients that include a full system health check, minor programming rectifications and hardware cleansing.
  • Finding solutions for clients looking to implement bespoke telecommunications products and services.


Spitfire Network Services Ltd

Provisioning of telephony services; Fixed Lines, VoIP Lines, Broadband, Ethernet and Hosted VoIP Solutions.

Nimans Ltd

Purchase of Samsung telephony equipment and ancillary telecommunications products.

Tower Leasing

Telephony product leasing for clients looking to spread costs over 3 to 5-year terms.

Connected technology with the voice of experience

Find out how we can help your business stay connected