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Bespoke network service solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.


Business Broadband – ADSL Max/ ADSL2+

ADSL Max and ADSL2+ are asymmetrical broadband Internet services which, depending on the distance from your local exchange and the quality of your telephone line, can allow Internet speeds of up to 8 Megabits for ADSL Max and 24 Megabits for ADSL2+. Tritel, via our Tier 1 Provider Spitfire, offers variations of ADSL Max and ADSL2+ products to best meet the connection speed requirements for your business data usage.

Business Superfast Broadband – VDSL2

VDSL2 provides exceptionally fast business broadband which, depending upon your geographical location, should allow an internet download bandwidth speed between 40 Megabits and 80 Megabits and an upload speed of up to 2 Megabits or 20 Megabits. Depending on your business data usage we offer one of four VDSL2 options that we know will meet your requirements and at an affordable price.

Fibre Ethernet

FTTC Ethernet

Ethernet-leased lines have long been the internet connection of choice for big-budget businesses. However as smaller businesses have moved their mission-critical applications to the cloud there is a need for faster, more reliable connectivity at lower cost than Fibre Ethernet. FTTC Ethernet can provide symmetrical end-to-end speeds of up to 80 Megabits and is perfect for voice and data communications to businesses that require reliable upload and download bandwidth speeds for data transfer on a day to day basis.

Fibre Ethernet

With superfast speeds reaching an incredible 10 Gigabits per second, Fibre Ethernet is the undisputed champion of UK Internet connectivity. It’s the fastest, most scalable and most reliable connection because the Fibre circuit is provided to the premises. Fibre Ethernet will meet cloud and mission-critical applications by providing superfast reliable bandwidth speeds for organisations requiring super high-end data usage.

“Thank you for all your hard work during the installation of our new telephone system at the European Headquarters this year.

We have been extremely happy with the new system and appreciate the advice you offered when we first began looking at a suitable system.”

Leanne Brennan, Manager
Asyst Technologies Europe


With the ever-increasing popularity of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, demands for wireless local area networks are growing more complex due to the number of devices competing for service on the move. Many businesses are choosing to go wireless from, small offices and retail outlets to large corporations. Our network engineers can help with the planning and implementation of a solid wireless network for your business needs, ensuring that the very best Wi-Fi coverage is achievable in all areas of your business premises – after all, reliable connectivity is key.


Our dedicated, highly skilled cabling engineers can design your office category 5e and 6 cabling infrastructures by covering all aspects of socket positioning and future proofing, to ensure that the network meets your present and future high-speed data requirements from the outset. Tritel provides a 20-year guarantee with all structured cabling installations that includes comprehensive testing and reporting on completion, ensuring that your cabling network is maintained to the highest standards.

Local Area Network Planning

A local area network (LAN) has several benefits such as sharing peripherals like expensive colour laser printers, fileservers to store and share documents and files centrally and the ability for e-mails to be sent between computers.

Our network engineers can help in the planning and implementation of the local area network infrastructure for your business, ensuring good connectivity of all IT devices you choose to connect to the network.

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