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Are bundle deals for real?

At Tritel we’ve seen and analysed many bundle deals from different line providers, and in the process have often discovered that they’re not as cost-effective as they claim to be.

Providers offering bundle deals have a tendency of cleverly advertising and making you believe “all your calls are free of charge” where in fact they’re not, and that “you’ll have superfast broadband”, but with conditions.

This is what we’ve discovered in our analysis of bundle deals:

  • The line rental is usually charged very high to cover the cost of phone calls.
  • Call charges to certain International destinations are excessively high.
  • Non-geographical and Premium Rate numbers are not included and charged at excessively high costs.
  • Not all lines and features (Caller ID) are included.
  • Broadband speeds and contention ratios are poor.
  • Broadband tends to have a download limit and charges are applied when subscribers go over the limit.
  • Subscribers are tied in to long- term contracts with the option to opt out but being held to term by paying the difference in price.

We don’t believe in bundle deals and believe that pricing should be transparent and tailored to your individual needs with honest upfront disclosure of all technical aspects for your requirements.

Broadband and line rental should be reasonable and call tariffs should reflect the destinations that you’re going to be dialling most.

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