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Are you being overcharged for your business broadband?

Sometimes we take things for granted, “Well, that’s just the way it is”, without realising that in fact things are not quite right.

If you’ve been using the same Broadband provider for a while you may have become accustomed to poor service without realising it.

How would you know if you are receiving sub-standard service?

5 signs your broadband service is failing you:

  1. Broadband speed is very slow and keeps dropping out
  2. Broadband Line Provider Technical Support Department takes a long time to answer the phone
  3. Broadband Line Provider Technical Support is very poor in providing updates on fault repair progress
  4. Broadband WiFi coverage is very limited in certain areas of Office or Home Office
  5. Broadband monthly bill is extremely expensive

Points 1 – 4 will be obvious to you. Inconsistent and slow access to the Internet is noticeable and extremely frustrating as is slow or limited communication.

Are you being overcharged for your business broadband?

However, Point 5 might not be so obvious. Unless you’ve recently had a cost comparison you may not know that you are being overcharged for your business broadband.

We’ve come across a number of companies that are paying as much as 50% too much for their broadband.

It’s easy to find out if you are being overcharged.

We are offering a complimentary, no obligation, cost saving comparison. All you need to do is get in touch, we’ll carry out a quick audit and let you know how competitively priced (or not) your current broadband service is.

Simply call 01403 333830 or email us or complete a contact form.

We’ll let you know how much you could be saving each month.

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